For individuals with Learning Disabilities, Autistic Spectrum Disorders and complex needs the transition from one service to another can be an extremely difficult time. 


Vista Care ensures that individuals and their families receive consistent support of the highest quality throughout the transition stage.


Supporting individuals with a variety of needs, Vista Care is focused on partnership working to achieve the best outcomes. Rather than people coming into a brand new home and having to start again, Vista Care staff spend time at their home, exsiting service, or in schools; learning about their unique stories and histories. Our staff ensure that none of this vital information, about someone's successes and achievements, as well as the challenges they face, is lost. Working closely with families, carers, teachers and support workers, Vista Care staff devise personalised support packages that are individualised and meet their needs.


Up to and during the transition period Vista Care endeavours to:


  • Carry out a full care needs assessment prior to transition which identifies needs and requirements and also determines whether the home is suitable for the individual.
  • Fully involve the individual and their family in multi-agency planning.
  • Provide the individual and their family with easy-to-read information about the home, it's aims and objectives, service delivery and staff.
  • Ensure excellent communication throughout the whole process.
  • Allow opportunities to visit the home which may include tea visits and overnight stays.
  • To plan at a pace to suit the individual.
  • To ensure that the individual and their family has the opportunity to express any concerns, complaints or anxieties.


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